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Patient Prescription Delivery Frauds

Person on the phone reading bank details
It has been reported nationally that fraudsters have phoned patients, pretending to be from a pharmacy. The caller has said they are ringing to arrange the delivery of medication but have asked the patient to confirm their full name, date of birth, address, and some banking details.

Fraudsters can be very convincing and so we ask that if you have any vulnerable friends or relatives, you let them know about this scam. They should be particularly mindful of such calls if they do not usually pay for a prescription medication delivery service.
We recommend that if such an unsolicited call is received, that the patient hangs up and contacts their pharmacy as they usually would. We advise that either a different phone is used, or to wait for a period of at least 20 minutes before making any verification phone calls just in case the fraudster has jammed the line.
Patients can find out more information to protect themselves from fraudsters by visiting Action Fraud.