New Coningsby Surgery

Get to know what First Contact Physiotherapist do

Ever wondered about those initial physio assessments? First Contact Physios are here to set things straight!  They aren’t your regular exercise buddies; they’re your assessment experts, guiding you in the right direction from the get-go.
Assessment Over Exercise: Real Talk
FCPs focus on evaluating your condition, not hour-long exercise sessions. They prescribe simple exercises, yes, but their superpower lies in the initial assessment.
One and Done: Quick but Crucial
Surprise! FCP interactions are one-time gigs. They pave the way for specialized care if needed, ensuring you get the right help ASAP.
Collaboration is Key
FCPs work with the bigger healthcare team, contributing to a holistic understanding of your situation. They’re like the navigators of your physio journey.
Let’s redefine expectations! First Contact Physios are the first step towards your recovery.